Boter Plays Something

After a couple years of Boter Cooks Something, I was looking for the next thing to do, and I saw so many creators on YouTube playing video games and sharing them with audiences. My tastes in games tend to be somewhat eclectic, so I thought I’d enjoy sharing these lesser-seen games with an audience, so in early April, I did a test video of Forza Horizon 4, followed later that month with the first episode of a series – Mini Ninjas.

Over time, I got more creative with the editing, as well as the intro sequences. There are some classic moments and, indeed, some games that don’t see much of the light of day that I’ve been able to share.

If you’re new to the channel, I recommend you check out Boter Plays Freespace or Boter Plays Deus Ex: Human Revolution for earlier series, and Boter Plays Suikoden IV and Boter Plays Coffee Talk for more recent series. The latest is gathered from live streams, and isn’t the only one to do so. It’s sometimes been hard for me to strike a balance between live streaming and editing prerecorded content, and it’s my hope that making streams available, with additional editing, makes the series a definitive version of those playthroughs for those who were unable to tune in live.

Be sure to also check out the retrospective of the first five years of Boter Plays Something intros!