Video Podcasts

Video podcasts are an easy and interesting way to have a weekly show. Rather than a scripted review or an interview (though these can certainly be part of a podcast), a video podcast is a round-table discussion between you and some of your staff, talking about news in your field, some big trends that you’re seeing, or even… anything at all! If you talk about it amongst yourselves there’;s a good chance that there are people out there that want to hear it!

Behind The Counter

Behind the Counter is a podcast presented by the staff at Insane Games in Queensbury, NY – with one of the panelists coming in remotely from their store in Clearwater, FL! They talk video games – upcoming releases, reviews of games that came out, trends in gaming – as well as other topics like the NFL, WWE, and superhero movies, just to name a few. They broadcast live on Sunday nights, and Press Enter produces a polished version to go on YouTube the very next day.

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