Are you looking for examples of my video work? I encourage you to check out the individual portfolio pages below!

Promotional Videos: A single video, or a short series of videos promoting yourself, your business and what you can do for your customers and community!

Web Series: A recurring video format is fantastic for drawing in and retaining new customers. Maybe you’re reviewing products, maybe you’re showcasing what you stock, or maybe you’re even talking to other business owners every week – it’s all here.

Video Podcasts: Video podcasts are a specific type of web series – instead of writing a script or interviewing someone for a short video, a panel of personalities (you and some employees, or anyone else associated with your business) talk about news in your industry… or anything else! If it’s a conversation you have at your business, there’s someone that wants to hear it.

Other Projects: I encourage anyone to be creative when coming up for video ideas. Do you have an idea for something fun and engaging that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else? These people did!