How We Stopped the Destroyers


The Destroyers used to be the stuff of legends, of myths, of bedtime stories told to alien children to scare them into living well.

They… used to be.

The galaxy is still reeling from the recent incursion of the Destroyers, an all-too-real enemy that more than lives up to their name. With another strike looming on the horizon, humanity leads the charge to uncover the secrets of subspace—a technology in widespread use across the galaxy but truly understood by no one. The race is on for the scientific breakthrough that will save the Milky Way.

Oh, and there’s also some pirates having an adventure. But one thing at a time…

How We Stopped the Destroyers is the latest novel from Andrew Bugenis, the author of Firestorm: A Burnt Skies Novella (as well as the filmmaker behind Breakdown at 238 Hypatia, Toronto Cybercide: Abstract Messiah and others). It is a continuation of the short stories “What’s Treason Between Friends?” and “Mutual Treason”, originally published on the r/HFY subreddit.

Where to Read

How We Stopped the Destroyers began its serialized release on r/HFY on July 28, 2022 and concluded on October 27, 2022. The ebook and paperback were published on November 1, 2022, and the audiobook was published in September, 2023 (exact date varying by platform, starting with Chirp on the 11th).


The ebook is priced at $4.99 USD. All links are to the US stores; it is available internationally depending on storefront, and with self-publishing I don’t always know what’s reasonable for various markets, so I recommend international readers cross-shop to get the best deal.


Barnes & Noble Press


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Amazon Kindle – Link is to, but the ebook is available in many different Amazon marketplaces. Search the title and author, or use ASIN B0BHPRGZVY.


The paperback is priced at $12.99 USD.

Northshire Bookstore – I used to work as a bookseller at Northshire and I am honored for them to stock How We Stopped the Destroyers. All copies purchased through Northshire are signed by the author.

Amazon – Link is to, but the paperback is available in many different Amazon marketplaces. Search the title and author, or use ASIN B0BH98FJF5.

Barnes & Noble

You can also ask your local bookstore to get you a copy – if there is enough interest locally, they may order an extra copy for their shelf as well! You’ll make things easier for your bookseller by giving them ISBN 9798846323230.


The audiobook of How We Stopped the Destroyers was narrated by Bryan Patrick Stoyle, and was recorded at The Party Farm in Roscoe, NY. It was an amazing process and a great weekend spent with friends! Learn more about the sessions at The Party Farm’s blog post, complete with some photos from the weekend.

The audiobook is priced at $19.99, though some retailers may list it for less. As of release it is available at a growing number of major audio platforms. Here are a select few you may wish to purchase the book on. – Libro allows you to choose an independent bookstore to benefit from your audiobook purchase and is my recommended platform for that reason!


Barnes & Noble / NOOK


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Listen to the complete audio of “What’s Treason Between Friends?” for free on YouTube.

Listen to the complete audio of “Mutual Treason” for free on YouTube.


If you would like to read but can’t justify purchasing the book for yourself, ask your local library to stock a copy for you! They can order the paperback (ISBN 9798846323230) as well as add the ebook to their catalogue via Overdrive (ISBN 1230005806485). The audiobook is also available through library distribution with services like Overdrive and Bibliotheca – just ask your librarian!


The book can be read chapter-by-chapter on Reddit, indexed at u/boterbug’s author wiki page. The original Treason Duology posts can also be found here. Note that the text on Reddit is not the final text of the book; the editing process of the published book was continuing as chapters were being posted and spelling, grammar, and occasional sentence rewrites constitute a small but notable difference between the Reddit and published texts.


Not so much a place to read it, but be sure to add Destroyers to your shelves, and review if you are so inclined: Goodreads.

About the Cover

The cover art for How We Stopped the Destroyers was created by Paul Youll, the artist behind many great science fiction book covers, including the Star Wars: X-wing series. I am thrilled that he accepted my commission and to have the work of such an artist grace the cover of my book. The original art can be found in the “Hardware” gallery on his site.

The cover design and layout, as well as additional marketing images, were created by Jeff Brown.


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