The Recap Promotional Video

When you put out anywhere up to a couple hours of content a week, the average viewer might not get the chance to watch all of it. One possible solution? A highlight reel of the best moments from each video of the week. And that’s exactly what Boter (uh, that’s me) did when he created The Recap.

This is a promotional video I created as Press Enter for a series I produce as Boter Bug, my personal YouTube persona. So, uh, I’m going to stop talking about myself in the third person from here on out.

The Recap has a few ingredients that make it work. 1: It’s short (2-4 minutes). 2: It keeps a regular schedule (so people know when to expect a new one). 3: It’s native to Facebook (so it auto-plays and is more easily shareable on the platform). 4: It’s funny (and more likely to get shared).

This video incorporates clips from the past three years of The Recap, showcasing its evolution and some of the best clips from its run so far. Enjoy!