Behind The Counter – Episode 12

Behind The Counter returns from a couple weeks away to talk about conventions, movies, and Wrestlemania, plus regular features Stud or Dud? and What’s in Your Disc Tray?

Regular panelist Dave Mann was unable to make it to this episode’s taping, so once the topic of conversation turned to video games I hopped in as the fourth panelist. I always enjoy a chance to be on-screen with this group – and Tyler needed a bit of help from the anti-PlayStation crowd on this one!

Greentree Fiber Arts Promotional Video

 Greentree Fiber Arts is an incredible art studio located at The Shirt Factory in Glens Falls, NY. I loved walking in there and seeing everything that Susan does with her medium! Here’s a small taste of some of the different things she creates with fabric and more; stay tuned to our page to see more videos coming soon to take a closer look at some of the incredible things you can find at Greentree.

You can learn more about Greentree over at